Housing & Residential

The housing team provides financial assistance for individuals and families in need, and our case managers provide support when they move into housing. Our team walks them through the process to ensure a smooth transition from homelessness into permanent housing.  With Rapid Rehousing, it is our goal to help them obtain permanent housing as quickly as possible, using a Housing First approach. This means we eliminate barriers to housing, such as sobriety requirements. After they are housed, we help them to develop a support network and connection to community.

Rapid Re-Housing

Provides short-term financial assistance with rent and/or utilities, security and utility deposits, case management services, housing search, Renter’s Education Classes that include Tenant Rights and Responsibilities, Goal Setting, Housekeeping, Budgeting, 6 months follow-up home visits. Program helps to prevent families from becoming homeless.

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Affordable Housing

Family Life Center believes that all people should have access to affordable housing. We manage two affordable housing projects: Mokuhau Apartments and Lower Main St. Apartments. We long to provide long-term affordable housing solutions for the island of Maui and Kauai.

TANF Housing Placement

Provides pre and post rental housing counseling, housing placement services to TANF eligible families with a new Section 8 voucher or those transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing. Initial move in costs such as rental deposit and rent assists families move directly into housing. This program is funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

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Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing offers long-term affordable housing assistance and case management for families and individuals with the greatest needs. Participants must meet the criteria for Chronic Homelessness–meaning theyʻbe been homeless for more than a year, and have a documented disability. The people we serve in this program often struggle with mental illness, addiction, severe health conditions, and trauma or domestic violence. We use the Housing First approach, which allows us to eliminate strict eligibility requirements, so we can help people meet their basic needs first, and then focus on overcoming challenges.

"I came to FLC, fleeing from an abusive relationship. FLC not only gave me support physically, but also emotionally. I am so grateful for FLC for helping start the new year with a home and a new life."

- Anonymous, Former FLC Client

If you are currently homeless or at-risk of homelessness and are in need of assistance, please use the button below to apply.

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